Comprehensive overview of Tranter:


Tranter is a global specialist in heat transfer solutions that can improve power processes, boost heat recovery and reduce costs. With more than 70 years of experience, Tranter has developed unique application knowledge to support consultants, EPC Contractors and end clients from early project stages up to completion and operation of their facilities.

Flexibility, reliability and product innovation are Tranterís focus areas, and as a result the company has developed a wide range of plate heat exchangers to match each application. Tranter is represented all over the world and can provide its customers with local service and support.

Target Regions

Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries

Areas of Activity

Tranter has solutions for almost every heat transfer requirement in the Power Market. Our vast experience covers nuclear, coal-fired facilities, geothermal, CO2 capture, combined heat and power and more.

Key Projects

Calpine, ABB Power, Siemens, TVA, Fluor and many more…

Service Offering

Equipment for the power industry has to be reliable, robust and designed to minimise maintenance requirements. It must not only withstand corrosive media and environments but also be extremely compact. Tranter has recognised these factors and provides a wide range of tailor-made gasketed, welded, shell & plate and spiral heat exchangers that are proven to meet the toughest customer requirements. Tranter’s highly efficient and flexible heat exchangers can handle pressures from vacuum to over 100 bar and temperatures between -200°C to +900 °C.

Contact Details

Tranter CIS LLC
Yuzhnaya str. 15,
office 302, 143981,
Moscow region, Russia

tel.: +7 4956642961
fax: +7 4956642962


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