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ruwu produces fans with welded casings for almost every industrial application. Specialized in job-oriented single-piece or small-scale production we transform your requirements into a complete product - from construction to installation.

Our customers appreciate our flexibility and performance, which allows quick and professional solutions for their concerns.

The focal point of our program are radial fans or centrifugal fans which cover a range of 5.000 m3/h up to 600.000 m3/h volume flow in low-, middle- and high pressure regions.

The spectrum of our centrifugal fans extends from extremely wear-resistant versions with plated impeller blades to convey dust laden media over compression-proof fans to multi-stage fans. They are available with all kinds of casing positions and drive systems.

Other examples are:

Hot-gas-fans for temperatures up to 900C, with or without casing

Double inlet fans

Shock resistant fans

Explosion or spark-proof fans

Fans without casing

Fans made of special metals

Fans with special linings, wear and corrosion resistant

We also offer all accessories to optimize the use of your fan.

Next to these types we produce axial flow fans up to the nominal size 2240 with or without guide vane or diffusors (volume flow 2000 - 700.000 m3/h).

Target Regions

Russia and Belarus

Key Projects

RAG, Germany Gas stations

E.ON, Germany Coal fired power plants

GDF Suez, France - Coal fired power plants

RWE, Germany Nuclear Power plants

Service Offering

Gas blowers

Coven gas boosters

Smoke gas fans

Hot gas fans

All kinds of fans in explosion proof design and GOST-R certified

Contact Details

Moscow Office
14 B Nametkina Str, Office 601
117420 Moscow, Russia

Tel: +7 495 5002080

ruwu representative office Moscow


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