SahalaWorks Oy

Comprehensive overview of SahalaWorks Oy:

SahalaWorks Oy
SahalaWorks Oy

SahalaWorks Oy is an international service and technology company specializing in the transfer and management of thermal energy. The company's main products include heat exchangers, pressure vessels and evaporator units. SahalaWorks was formally known as HogforsSahala which was originally created by a merger between SahalWorks and Hogfors Heinola which happened in order to efficiently participate in a number of projects.

The Machine-Building Plant Sahala Works has over 50 years of extensive industry experience in the manufacture of heat exchangers and other devices operating at high pressure levels. The company employs about 100 people has a potential resource estimated at 150 000 individuals. 50% of the company's products are exported worldwide.

Target Regions

SahalaWorks's products are used by power and industrial plants in various countries around the world. .

Areas of Activity

SahalaWorks's key customers consist of the energy industry including nuclear, fossil fuel and bio power plants, the pulp and paper industry, as well as the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Service Offering

SahalaWorks’s heat exchangers cover all the needs and requirements imposed by the energy industry’s processes. Regardless of the power plant type – from nuclear power generation to fossil fuel and bio power plants – our product selection offers suitable heat exchangers and other pressure vessels for the installation of various types and sizes including:

-     high-pressure feed water preheaters
-     low-pressure preheaters
-     heat exchangers for district heating
-     condensers
-     auxiliary condensers
-     feed water tanks
-     steam accumulators.
SahalaWorks’s research and development has extended over many decades, and combined with its experience of hundreds of deliveries our heat exchangers’
thermodynamical solutions are both efficient and economical. These solutions enable the optimal heat balance management in all production situations.

Contact Details

Sahala Works Oy
Tel +358 207 106 200
Faz +358 207 106 390

Address: P.O. Box 137
Kiertotie 21-23
FI-78201 Varkaus, Finland
Russian and CIS Representative:
Vasily Kondakov
Address: St. Petersburg, Vasilyevsky Island, 13th line 14B
+7 911 272 52 76
+7 495 221 18 33

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