Comprehensive overview of FAIST:


A privately owned company since 1904, FAIST has become an experienced supplier of noise control systems and air intake systems for power plants as well as noise control for many other key industries, such as the automotive, mechanical engineering and print industry.

The acoustic product range of FAIST Anlagenbau includes noise enclosures and silencing equipment for Gas/Steam turbines, generators, compact packages, block heat and power stations, compressors and cooling facilities.

In the area of air filtration, FAIST Air Intake Systems has developed a standard module design for air intake systems which enables the efficient construction of filter arrangements, regardless of turbine manufacturer or size. Whether the installations are offshore, onshore, in coastal, tropical or desert areas, etc., maximum standardised project solutions are obtained.

We cover all aspects in consulting, design and engineering, production, delivery, logistics and field installation, as well as after sales service to ensure your project success.

Target Regions

Russia & CIS

Key Projects

FAIST acts worldwide. Locations and Distributors: Please refer to www.faist.de

key projects you’re involved in or key clients you work

FAIST's globally active customers include Alstom, Siemens, MAN, Kawasaki,
Zvezda-Energetika, Linde, Air Liquide and many more…

Service Offering

FAIST Anlagenbau GmbH offers diverse solutions in the field of noise control for power plants and power stations:

  • Cogeneration Plants
  • Acoustic Enclosures for Gas and Steam Turbines
  • Acoustic Enclosures for Generators
  • BOP Skid Enclosures
  • Compact Packages
  • Substations
  • Refrigeration Plants


Additional Scope

  • Ventilation Systems
  • Fire Fighting
  • Sensors & Control
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Blower Door tests


FAIST enclosure advantages:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Standardized but flexible due to modular design
  • Own production and powder coating facilities
  • High quality powder coat finish (C5 I/M high)
  • Easy to dismantle for HGPI / 50000hrs Turbine Revision



FAIST Air Intake Systems GmbH offers design flexibility for

  • multistage (static) filters with compact pre-filter, fine- and HEPA filter or
  • self-cleaning pulse filter systems.


Additional applications for air intake systems

FAIST air intake systems can be equipped and delivered with all kinds of additional applications. Examples of such applications are:

  • Anti-icing systems with hot air from the GT-compressor
  • Anti-icing systems with heat exchangers (water / glycol)
  • Wet compression systems to improve performance of gas turbines
  • Evaporative cooler systems to improve performance of gas turbines


Your benefits in working with FAIST Air Intake Systems

  • Cost optimisation through standardisation
  • Special baffle design to reduce pressure drop with improved noise reduction
  • Higher gas turbine output and higher unit profits by lower pressure drop
  • Cooled intake air for perfect turbine performance at higher temperatures
  • Optimisation of the air intake silencer
  • Patented concept of a FAIST silencer design available which offers a significant reduction of the air intake silencer-pressure drop. The use of such a silencer design will increase the gas turbine performance and power output. In addition, this design concept reduces the investment costs of air intake ducts and silencer sections.


Besides our own production facilities and capabilities, FAIST has an international distributor network to ensure the worldwide availability of noise control systems and air intake systems. This network also enables global sourcing for competitive prices.

FAIST - Your acoustic and air intake partner.

Contact Details

Head Office Contacts

FAIST Anlagenbau GmbH
Am Mühlberg 5
86381 Krumbach (Schwaben)
Tel.      +49 8282 8880-0
Fax      +49 8282 8880-88

CEO FAIST Anlagenbau:                  
Mr. Wilhelm Braun
Head of Sales Department:                 
Mr. Leonhard Sonntag,
Tel.      +49 8282 / 8880-115

FAIST Air Intake Systems GmbH
Buschhöhe 6
D-28357 Bremen
Tel.      +49 421 708310-10
Fax      +49 421 708310-49

CEO FAIST Air Intake Systems:      
Mr. Wilfried Thies
Head of Sales & Marketing:               
Mr. Alexander Lecheler,
Tel.      +49 421 708310-20

Regional contacts Russia & CIS
Manager BD Russia & CIS:              
Mr. Pavel Stefanishin
Tel.      +7 495 799-53-44

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